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The Station

Who we are

Manchester Metropolitan University committee

  • Chair - Prof Richard Preziosi, PhD

  • Director – Javier Patiño, MRes

  • Associate Director – Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley, BSc

Universidad Estatal Amazónica committee

  • Dr Julio Cesar Vargas Burgos, PhD

  • Dr Alexandra Torres, PhD

Live-in staff and researchers

  • Director - Javier Patiño, MRes

  • Community Coordinator - Clider Aguinda

Collaborating organisations

Timburi Cocha is jointly managed by Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester, United Kingdom) and Universidad Estatal Amazónica (Puyo, Ecuador). Additionally, the station is used by other Universities and organisations which conduct various activities in Payamino:

  • University of Manchester, England, UK - Carried out annual undergraduate field course for over a decade. TheUniversity has provided most of the lab and research equipment the station currently possesses. Manchester Metropolitan University has taken over this role.

  • University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK - Runs annual expeditions and research field courses.

  • The Biodiversity Group, based in the USA - Conducts herpetological and entomological research, as well as community conservation projects.

  • Alma College, Michigan, USA - Carries out ethobotanical research of the Kichwa community of Payamino.

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